Monday, November 08, 2004

an answer, at last

A question, a fair question, that I have been asked several times over the past week is "T.R., I heard you voted for John Kerry." Ok, I know that's not a question, but what usuually follows my nod of confirmation is a surprised, searching look, the bearer of which is obviously wondering "What are you, some kind of Marxist idiot?" While I appreciate the self-restraint that (almost) everyone has shown in not verbalizing these thoughts, I feel like I should address them. But as is customary in modern politics (and probably in ancient politics as well), I will let someone much more eloquent and experienced tell you my reasons. Some people call this spin-doctoring, but in my case it is mostly out of laziness. So follow this link in order to read a Deseret News article printed today which expresses my feelings very well.
Thank all of you who have sincerely questioned my sanity. My hope is that this article and possibly subsequent conversations will help everyone realize that I am not in fact crazy, but only healthily eccentric. And as for any of you who happened to read the Daily Utah Chronicle on the day following the election, let me say in my defense that I was tired after a long night at work and did not mean to use the word "hate" in reference to our commander-in-chief, and I certainly did not think my quote would be used in any article. I don't hate the president, I just get frustrated with him and at 11:30 pm after a long day of school and work I was none too thrilled with the outcome of the election. Sorry! The rest of the quote still stands though.