Saturday, April 23, 2005


I took an amazing class this semester which I would recommend to anyone. It was called Mind and Nature. If you are not a student at the U and/or you don't want to pay extortionary rates to take classes here, you can get the gist of the course by reading the Curtain of Dawn essays.

Anyway we had our last day of class on Thursday. Our professor, who was one of the best I have ever had, read a poem at the end of class and by the time he finished he was near tears. He folded up his paper, looked up, and said thank you. Before he was finished people had already begun standing up and filing out of the room.

I felt a little unsatisfied with us as a class giving that sort of response and felt like something was missing. It wasn't until later in the day that I realized what it was. We should have applauded. Should students applaud for their teachers if they liked the course?


les schwab said...

yeah, especially if it's a big auditorium class becuase you could really rock the house or at least get people excited for summer camp. I would stop short of the "aughw!"'s though, you know, like at a concert when people go ow! like they've hurt themselves but more growling at the start and bringing it up into a falsetto, sometimes holding it out into an "awoooooo." yeah that's like, totally inappropriate. and, well since you asked I think it's just good to go up to profe after the course and personally say thanks a lot, and stuff. then you avoid the whole mr. keating thing if you want. o captain my captian, etc. can you believe this rain?

T.R. said...

yes. i think there are times when applause is appropriate (the guy read a poem for heaven's sake) but i would definitely stop short of standing on my desk and saluting.

unless he were getting and i wanted to make fun of him.

T.R. said...

fired. Unless he were getting fired.

Randles said...

congrats. you were the first and only person to comment on my last post. thankyou, TR, thankyou. And thankyou, les schwab, for making me chuckle in my belly.

manwill said...

props to mr. professor man who had the guts to read the poem in the first place. I think that's pretty great. Unless it was one of those poems meant to wring the emotions out of you like you are some sort of emotional sponge just waiting to be tapped of your precious bodily fluids... or emotions in this case. I'm not an advocate of that type of poem. Or that type of any media while we're at it. But hey, I still hold to the fact that the man deserves a "props" for reading it in the first place.

And no, I can't believe this rain. Especially when I have to walk through a Lake Huron every morning on my way out. The second largest of the Great Lakes belongs nowhere near my front door.