Thursday, April 07, 2005

Civil [Servant] Disobedience

Don't you just love stories about famous people doing bad things? I have one for you.

Okay, he's not famous, and this isn't really bad, but yesterday as I was walking past the UMFA, I saw Mayor Rocky turn into the parking lot WITHOUT USING HIS TURN SIGNAL!

Before you think to yourself that I only thought it was Rocky, I watched him then pull into a parking space labeled "RESERVED FOR MAYOR ANDERSON".

And yes, not using your turn signal is a minor thing, but this is funny just because it was Rocky.


yes ma'am said...

that's nice Rocky. How can I get my own reserved space?

T.R. said...

I think there are several things that qualify you for your own parking space:

1. You are a dictator of some kind.
2. You have some sort of special know like bowhunting skills or computer hacking skills......
3. You are so famous that you are beyond famous (INfamous, as Randi pointed out).
4. You park illegally and don't mind a ticket.
5. You pay loads of money for a space, like a small piece of really expensive real estate.
6. You are employee of the month.

Otherwise you have to ride Trax. Wait.....Rocky does not fit any of these categories. What's going on? Alright we have to make a new category:

7. You are Rocky Anderson.

savy nerd said...

mayor rocky seems kinda creepy. almost as creepy as a girl who pets your head when you say goodbye.....who does that?

T.R. said...

I don't think Rocky is that creepy, sav. I think he's funny. Funny ha-ha, not funny strange. Head petting is creepy and funny strange.

savy nerd said...

to each their own i suppose. Some like to pet heads....some like to make up german words. both strange to one but perfectly normal to the other....i find that accepting and maybe even embracing people that think differently than you is a beutiful thing and can be quite benficial. But dont take MY word for it.... (da dum DUM!)

Jackie Smaz said...

I'm going to start with number one and go down the list. If I don't have my own reserved parking spot by the end... well, then... I'll just have to accept that fact. Oh, but I think I'll skip number 8. I don't want to be Rocky Anderson. I'd rather take the bus.

Jackie Smaz said...

number 7 then... I'll skip number seven... And while I'm at it I'll skip number eight too... ok... ok... stop lookin' at me.

T.R. said... seems that I have to make up a number eight now. Thanks a lot, jackie (by the way, how is the TV show going?).

Alright, people. Any ideas for a number eight?

jackie smaz said...

It's going well thank you... I interviewed a puffer fish the other day (you know, stunt double). And just to make this relate to the issue at hand: does Rocky have any relation to Hans Christen?

T.R. said...

An understandable mistake, but I don't think that is likely. You will notice that Hans Christian Andersen spells his name with an 'e' while Rocky is of the 'o' persuasion.
I think it would be interesting if he turned out to be related to Ian Anderson.

C'mon people, help out jackie here. If we don't think of number eight, he will end up looking silly.

T.R. said...

By the way, Jackie, do know there is a bird on your head?

the artist formally known as jackie smaz said...

that darn spellin' gene. I tell you... I don't have it. My apologies to both Hans and Rocky. Maybe that's my cue to stop putting comments on this here

farewell swirly patterns... until we meet again.