Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More Disobedience

What have local politicians got against me? First Rocky swerves in front of me like Evel Kinevel playing quidditch (see 7 April's entry, and notice how the story is already getting more exaggerated), now this. Cate had taken the car that she and I share over to her friend's house. Then the Mayor of Cottonwood Heights backed out of his driveway and ran into our Subaru (which I have named Tijuana). Poor Tijuana.

I mean seriously.
When will the persecution end?

Actually he was really cool about it, and it's all fixed now. You should all vote for him based on his honesty and incredibly precise haircut.


randles said...

heh. here is your one and only comment for this blog. how do you like 'dem apples?
sorry about tijuana.

An American Schmuck in London said...

TR, something tells me you better NEVER go to Washington DC. It's just this gut feeling I have. It's just that you're a good guy and your survival is of importance to me. Should you go there you are to acknowledge that I did everything I could to warn you. Please take heed.

I started a blog. Aren't you proud of me?

- Your most obediant friend and fellow lazy ass U.M.

P.S. I'm trying to find a way to get to Amsterdam!

tam said...

Meanwhile I'm working your shifts at the union.


An American Schmuck in London said...

We feel so sorry for you Miss I Just Got Back From France A Few Months Ago And Will Be Spending The Next Year In Switzerland

Make sure you hand out your validations! Mwahahaha!


T.R. said...

Tamra, what happened to your blog? This is a huge loss to Blogdom.

Anonymous said...

HEy sorry about tijauna, but i am glad to see that somebody names their cars besides me! My car is Charlie. not quite as exotic but hey, whatever. I had an interesting expierience with Murray city's mayor Snarr, we was out riding motorcycles with his gang and decided to pass me on the shoulder on I-215! crazy.