Monday, April 18, 2005


So I have a paper due tomorrow that is worth 25% of my grade in that class. Which means that its importance rivals (but does not supersede) this blog post.

Let me help you get a feeling for my situation. This paper is actually a rewrite. The original grade was a 'C' which, when you consider grade inflation, is quite a crappy grade. So of course the main question on my mind is "what can I do to improve it?" The obvious solution is to read the teacher's comments throughout the paper and follow them. Just one slight hang-up with that though. At the end of my paper, he writes, "Everything you said in this paper argues against seem to have your whole argument backwards."

Wait, this might be really simple. Maybe I forgot to put the word "not" somewhere in my first paragraph. Let me check...Damn! No such luck. That means there is only one other explanation. My brain must be wired incorrectly, such that my whole process of logical thinking is the opposite of what it should be (or least the opposite of the professor's).

A quick fix: change my thesis to the opposite position. So I asked my professor if I could "alter my thesis slighty". His answer, "if it is only slightly, yes, but I want you to really try and stick to your original thesis."



Randbo Lovin said...

poor Tr, he is too genius for his own good. But you do make good sushi. So if this whole "school thing" doesnt go always got raw fish. mmmmmmm raw.

bowling names are hard too. said...

I always preferred the term 're-overs.' but at least you don't have to try to convinvince the other team to give you another shot at the big red kickball, like in middle school. "NO WAY, NO RE-OVERS, THAT'S 2 OUTS!" you know? man, little sob's. If I could just go back I know I could kick that ball so hard, tangy liquid bounce sound, dude, you don't even know...

T.R. said...

mmmm, tangy liquid. like tang. tang is a liquid. and tangy.

would you roof it? that would be rad. "Whoa, he roofed it!"
seriously, I am really good at bowling names.