Monday, July 18, 2005


No, not that dumb movie with dumb Goldie Haun. I am house sitting this week for my boss and her husband.

Deena has two cats. One is named Alex and probably made two appearances
the whole time I was there. The other was Frank.

Frank is obese and diabetic, but what a friendly guy. He follows
you around and wants you to pet him all the time, sort of like a dog.

Frank needs two insulin shots per day. I have to sneak up on him while he eats,
then lift a fat roll off of his back and stick him! Sometimes he meows
in annoyance, other times he just takes it like a man.
Deena told me to make myself at home, and I took this admonition to heart.
I helped myself to all kinds of food and snacks, including the fanciest
glass of chocolate milk ever.

I watched as many movies as possible, and some Quantum Leap reruns, with
a little help from my new friends, Comcast and TiVo.

But man, what a mess I made. I spent the whole morning cleaning up my dishes, the coffee table,
my many Vanilla Coke cans, etc. Oh, and the litter box I had to clean out everyday. That is pretty
gross. How could two little cats produce so much in just one day? Incredible.
What a deal though. A free mini-vacation from human contact. I just basically read and watched movies all day. And ate. And got $50! Plus Deena left me two movie passes for Larryland. I definitely got the better end of this deal. Does anyone need a housesitter?


Anonymous said...

No but I definitely need a house maid to scrub down the floor and clean the tub. I can give you something even better than $50... a free shift at the Union!

-Mysterious commenter that knows many disturbing things about TR. Mwahahaha!

puff puff said...

oh frank... that beloved cat that forshadows what is to come. you are indeed a pioneer in your invalid cat ways and demeanor... thank you frank, for being you.

T.R. said...

speaking of which, there has been a new development: according to Deena, Frank is also asthmatic.

I am afraid your worst-case scenario just got slightly worse. Seriously, though, what do you expect naming your cat Puff-Puff?

Wasn't that on Puff-daddy's list of alternate names for himself?

T.R. said...

...right after P-diddy?

puff puff said...

um... yeah... I guess.

I don't know, I'm just a cat and an imaginary one at that. And thanks for making fun of my name. It really hurt my imaginary feelings. If you could see me now, I'd be crying... and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a diabetic cat. She sounds just like Frank, needy but full of love.

Kylie said...

Well, TR looks so relaxed! (I hope you never give me a shot, that picture looked creepy).

Quantum Leap reruns though. I've totally been Tivoing those too and Al has been cracking me up with his "future" outfits.

T.R. said...

Speaking of futuristc outfits:

For years, science fiction shows have been promising us an era of pure spandex, unregulated by the social norms which today keep us from this fashion rennaisance. Well I am sick of it. It's 2005 for crying out loud.

When will the Golden Age of Spandex dawn?

Anonymous said...

Nice!! Nice!! Lucky!! So I guess you had a really good time housesitting for Deena!! Good for you. Oh, by the way, does the cat really need to get shots of insulin? Whoa!! Poor cats. You must've had fun. Oh, and you earned money too. Good for you.