Monday, July 18, 2005

Uncivil Servants

Seriuosly, this is out of control. It was last Thursday, right after The Child Who Was A Keyhole had played a show at Sugarbeats. We were heading to my car to go buy Frosties from Dave Thomas. As we approached we noticed several (three, in fact) officers of the law interrogating a disheveled looking man who had propped himself up against the west wall of Barnes and Noble as he sat on the sidewalk drinking an amber colored, probably alcoholic beverage. Actually, one was interogating the man, while the other two seemed to be discussing with each other something entirely unrelated. Also we noticed several (three again, oddly enough) police cars double parked, blocking a couple of cars into their spaces. One of the cars was mine. As we passed by these civil servants, I politely (I think) asked one of the officers who was not talking to the drunk guy if I would be able to get out. Barely glancing at me, and in a very irritated tone, he answered "In a minute you will". He just.......If was....AAHHH! What a buttface, seriously. These guys get paid to act like this!
But you can bet we thought of some great comebacks once we were driving away.


hey, the rain stopped! said...

come one, no comments yet? can it really be that nobody can relate to this? I mean is there anything more universal (at least among americans) than the basic right to gripe about cops and what a waste of national resources they sometimes tend to be? I hear you brother! lemme tell you, it's no chance thing that there are so many cop jokes out there being told by pollacks, blondes and limbless men alike.
Like once I was working with a bunch of cops from all over the country, when the olympics came to town. I was parking biathlete cars like 80 hours a week for that month, my wife too. And she's standing by this one cop for several hours, waving her orange flag and passively plumbing the depths of his crude inanity. so he starts making byu co-ed jokes (which I'm entitled to do, but not this jerk) and like this guy knows anything about byu girls so it's like come on dude, I mean officer, do you really want to get into this. we can consider the big stack of cop jokes and just start going through them one by one, we can start at the top or the bottom whichever you like...
anyway, some of those guys were cool though. there was this great little hawaiian park ranger guy named Les and another couple cops who still had the facility to build a snowman with me.

but some still don't know how to park or 'get your back' and all we can do is console ourselves in the esprit d' escalier that makes that kind of crap tolerable.

T.R. said...

I think snowman building is much better use of their time than a lot of the things they do. Imagine if every speeding ticket were replaced with a snowman!
Wait, that's too many snowmen, especially for July.
Still, its a start.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you TR!! Good job. At least you did something in return. I am not saying that revenge is good, but when this really is happening. I guess we pay taxes to give them the right to be above the law. OR SO IT SEEMS! But you didn't get into any trouble with them right?! Be careful everyone!