Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Them wristbands

This post was suggested by _First Floor Mondays.

Ok. Good point. The wristbands are outta control. Even those Lance ones were never my favorite. Yes, it was for a good cause and all, but they were ugly. And they were Lancevertisements, which is one thing this country does not need right now.
Alright, I will admit right now that I have owned two so far, a blue and a red. Blue represented some spare change I dropped into a tsunami relief bucket at the U, and Red represented an extra pint of blood that I had lying around and wasn't using, so I gave it to ARUP. I tried wearing them to broadcast my selflessness to friends and strangers alike, but they pulled my arm hairs and got caught on things. Plus they would always wind up on the floor of my room by the time I woke up in the morning, evidence that they had been utterly rejected by my subconscious nocturnal self.

Its not all bad, though. Next time you are offered one and are too polite to decline, take it and use it as an ordinary rubber band. I have a travel soapdish whose period of usefulness was extended just by putting the ARUP one around it.

Compare the wrists. Is it any wonder Matheson lost the election?

"The Lists" entry for wristbands.


fourth floor tuesdays said...

(formerly known as first floor mondays)

Thank you for addressing my concern. My spirits were significantly lifted upon reading your alternate uses of the ubiquitous wristband et. al.

Now if only I could find a rational explanation for flip phones (just kidding)

stefeni said...

yeah, and he was a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was a fence-sitter on the whole wristband thing. I thought, what harm are they doing? The seem like good causes for the most part. Then...a girl at work had a MENOPAUSE AWARENESS wristband. I quickly jumped down from the fence and joined the ranks of wristbands are out of control. Menopause? Come on!

hilaryan said...

wow T.R., the legend has finally been revealed. your name is a regular around our house, after the excellent blog i'm satisfied with all the long conversations jonathan and kristin have about you. nicely done.

T.R. said...

wow, a comment from a Gillette! Blogger nobility!

T.R. said...

I wish we all could be LESS aware of things like menopause.

Anonymous said...

Wristbands are way out of control I agree, I think that if a person does something selfless they should parade it around with a wristband, it takes away the whole point of it being SELFLESS!