Monday, October 31, 2005

The Epic Saga of the Unjust Ticket (Chapter 3)

So today I pushed my court date from this Wednesday to November 16. The end (for now).


jo said...

good heavens the artillary man...

I mean, does that mean you'll have time to make one (if there were one) some thewaroftheworlds to listen to? I'm just sayin', eh?

T.R. said...

and what's bad about livin' underground, eh?

archibald 'harry' tuttle said...

ok mang,
I commend your patience thus far and your willingness to try this out. seems you're halfway there and, in the mean time, you haven't had to pay any ticket.
now, the Woody Allen facet to this operation: showing up. Really, the linchpin to the whole thing is, in the event that cop shows up, which is not unlikely, that you do have something compelling to say in your defense and can stick to your guns and be certain about it.

allright, I'm off on a zipline or something now. good luck.