Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Indian Fall

This post was suggested by jackie smaz, but I had already decided to do it before that.

Some of you may have noticed my fanatical insistence that we undertake a raod trip to various exotic locales, including Vernal, Zion's and central Utah. Some of you were busy. Some I didn't have a chance to talk to. Others of you gave me the shaft. Still others I didn't invite because I don't like you. Whatever the reason, my dreams were shattered one weekend at a time, until there was no hope left. Until...

Waylon, one of my roommates, to the rescue. We went to Escalante for some hiking. Of course there were drawbacks. I'm all for eating a couple slices of bread and heading out, but one of the participants wanted to cook breakfast. On a slow, propane grill. That wasn't assembled. After he got up at 10:30.

So about 1:00 pm we start our hike. 3 Slot canyons! You know how I feel about slot canyons. These were particularly awesome because they were the type that touches your belly on one side and your backbone on the other as you slither along its deep floor.

Waylon tells me that Indians from some tribes would come down into these slot canyons to commune with the Great Spirit. I could see why. You feel like you are crawling through Earth's arteries. And the metaphor of going into a dark valley, deeper and deeper, until you emerge into the sun whose brilliance you almost forgot while you were away, is one of death and rebirth that is too perfect to ignore.

So while I love when the seasons change, I have enjoyed our indian summer that has lasted well into fall. It rained tonight and is kinda cold, so its probably just ending at last. But I was glad to give it a proper farewell rather than watching it fade away from behind a desk.

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