Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Epic Saga of the Unjust Ticket (Chapter Four)

So I just got back from the Lindon City Court. First they had a hearing for a DUI guy who had his charge reduced to "driving while under the influence of metabolife". Hmm. Then were a couple of probation violators. They were cuffed. Then a disorderly conduct guy. Then me.

I felt silly standing up, and sillier still when the judge said "It is alleged that on the seventh of november you did a..." (judge looks down at his paper) "unsafe lane travel". I plead not guilty, and he gave the option of scheduling a trial or a pretrial deal. At my request he explained that the pretrial thing was basically a meeting with the prosecutor in which we try and hammer out some sorta deal without going to trial. I opted for that one, figuring that it was the less risky choice. It is scheduled for the 7th of December, fully two months after my ticket.

In talking with people who have contested traffic tickets, it seems like at the very least the prosecutor will offer for me to pay the fine without it going on my record. That would be nice. But I want more, dangit. Is the cop really going to show up after to testify after two months as though he really remembers this ticket out of the brazilian others he has written since then? I'll mention this to the prosecutor and show him my evidence. If he will reduce the fine signifcantly (I'm talkin half) then I think I'll take it. If he wants the full price then I will probably act like I am going to take it to trial to see if he's serious, and if he is, I will probably back down. 80 bucks though, come on.


An American Schmuck in London said...

I think that you should just delay this case until the cop retires.

T.R. said...

then go punch him in the face. Right? is that where you were going?

Marianne said...

Around here, half the time, the cops don't even show up to court. Then the case is dismissed.