Monday, November 14, 2005

Now we're juicy!

Now, in addition to this site's recently discovered Moxie, we have Google Juice!

This is a proud day in the history of the blog you are reading. This site is now Google's first hit for the words Swirly Patterns.

Try it.

(And, if you do a google image search, the picture of the back of my head is hit #41, with Rocky Anderson at #38)

Google's technology is such that the more times a phrase is linked to a certain site from other sites, or the more times a link is visited from a particular search result, the higher it will be rated in relevancy to that search topic. In other words, if lots of people do a search for a certain word or phrase, then click on a certain link, google moves it up higher in the search results. There can be hilarious consequences to this, as you can imagine.

So thank you linkers, dilligent searchers, and google bombers. I'm going home to have a nice tall glass of Google Juice.


kel said...

holy crap! this is outstanding news and information. not to mention, precise wit. i checked 'cheese on rye' and it's like 8 or something (an open-face sandwich came first). i'm envious.

jo said...

hilarious concequences indeed.

and by the way, did you know that I hardly ever get those word verification things right the first time? Each time it comes up again all suprised that i've written it incorrectly. And frankly, I am too. I mean, maybe I'm not human... maybe I'm machine!