Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Elixir of Life

After class yesterday I stopped in at the computer lab to do a few uninteresting things. I stayed for about thirty minutes hoping the mucous-hardening wind and stinging driven snow would calm slightly and give us all a fighting chance.

Hold that image of the weather in your mind for a minute. Romantic isn't it? Now add a lone figure with squinted eyes and huddled shoulders clasping his lapels and flipped collar to his throat as though for survival. The sun is blocked by cloud cover, but its that part of the day where Apollo, probably distracted by a vibrating cell phone, has been shoved off balance by envious Nyx, and is in that frantic but strangely elegant act of teetering. The moment seems eternal, but in fact it is ending so gradually that nobody notices until Apollo tumbles gracelessly over the Oquirrh mountains and we all have to switch on our headlights.

Well the romance vanishes immediatly once your face and hands are greeted with an unexpected shock of pain rather than cold. Yesterday in my Sensation and Perception class we had talked about why extreme cold feels like pain, but this information does nothing to alleviate it. And while one might reasonably assume that some sturdy canvas pants will block the wind and least soften the biting cold, one would be wrong.

Wait a sec, I am forgetting something. Before I step out the door a small reminder bell is ringing in my head. There is some sort of secret weapon...what was it? Instinctivley I swing my backpack across one shoulder and unzip the middle pouch. Of course! The Union Building had given me my annual made-in-china christmas gift, and this year it was something worthwhile. Sleek, polished, confidently nestled in my bag was my new insulated steel thermos. And even better, I had had the forsight to fill it with hot water and a teabag before leaving the Christmas party. It didn't matter that I had used Orange Ginger Mint, a flavor blend with one too many, or that it had this ugly Union Building logo on the side.

I sipped and pushed the door open, beginning the journey across campus back to my car. The wind still bit deeper than an ill-mannered three year old. The snowflakes still pelted my numb face, but liquid heat was flowing into my body faster than the weather could steal it. Yes! Up the to the business building.....I am halfway there! Crosswalk.....toward the intersection.....Oh no, I am going to miss the little white stick man! The orange hand won't even be blinking by the time I get there! I'll have to wait in pensive agony until Stick Man returns.

The pause in stepping allows me to drink more deeply than before. YES! One passionate gulp, then another, and then the cautious exhale with closed eyes.....and more, MORE! My frenzy is interrupted by Stick Man, who gives permission to resume walking. Soon I am at my car, then driving home.

The more you think about what you have read, the more you will realize this is an advertisement for insulated thermoses. But it was intended to promote herbal tea, because really it was the tea that was that saved my life, not the thermos. Yes, I know. You've tried herbal tea before and were none too impressed. Fine, I can accpet that. But realize that you have matured since then, and so have your tastes. You are older and wiser, and the long awaited time has arrived wherein you will, from now on, enjoy herbal tea. It is here to stay.

Don't fight it.


Michelle 2021 said...

It was really cold yesterday. The good news is, it will all be over soon.

T.R. said...

are you getting executed tomorrow or something?

Anonymous said...

I like Sleepytime herbal tea. Add a little sugar and you're good to go.

randi said...

i was hoping it was going to end up being an adversizment about kachup with a cute song at the end..ah well.

T.R. said...

{sigh} very well. here you go...

These are the good times
for finals, and you and me
Christmas, Kwanza, Hanakkah
or Festivus and glee

Life is flowing,
like Ketchup in your tea

Ketchup, Ketchup

Michelle 2021 said...

I don't plan on it...getting executed, that is. Or putting ketchup in my tea. The truth is, we'll all be freezing for the rest of our lives. It's a cold, hard world, you know.

randi said...

i feel fufilled

Michelle 2021 said...

Chin up, randi. We have tea. We have Christmas. We have kechtup. Sure it's cold, but the warmth of our hearts . . . uhr, cold fingers refus e t o t ..

jackie smaz said...

hmmm... ketchup in your tea, eh? I don't think I've ever thought of that one. ...ketchup and hot dogs... ketchup and fries... ketchup and mustard sandwiches... but never tea and ketchup. Sounds like ketchup is more of a condiment, or rather... um... addition. But then again so is honey, and I put honey on PB and honey sandwiches, but I also but honey in my tea. A true conundrum to the which the unbelievers in K&M sandwiches must reply. that is... if they want to.

T.R. said...

rambling on rather self consciously
as I'm stirring these condiments into my tea,
I think I'm so lame, I bet I think this song is about me, don't I, don't I?

jackie smaz said...

well said, dog-on-it... well said.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

Great imagery. I can't wait for the next ad. You made me feel like I was actually there.