Monday, September 26, 2005

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Them wristbands

This post was suggested by _First Floor Mondays.

Ok. Good point. The wristbands are outta control. Even those Lance ones were never my favorite. Yes, it was for a good cause and all, but they were ugly. And they were Lancevertisements, which is one thing this country does not need right now.
Alright, I will admit right now that I have owned two so far, a blue and a red. Blue represented some spare change I dropped into a tsunami relief bucket at the U, and Red represented an extra pint of blood that I had lying around and wasn't using, so I gave it to ARUP. I tried wearing them to broadcast my selflessness to friends and strangers alike, but they pulled my arm hairs and got caught on things. Plus they would always wind up on the floor of my room by the time I woke up in the morning, evidence that they had been utterly rejected by my subconscious nocturnal self.

Its not all bad, though. Next time you are offered one and are too polite to decline, take it and use it as an ordinary rubber band. I have a travel soapdish whose period of usefulness was extended just by putting the ARUP one around it.

Compare the wrists. Is it any wonder Matheson lost the election?

"The Lists" entry for wristbands.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Yesterday my brother and I were stuck up Big Cottonwood Canyon with frame packs and no ride, so we traveled by thumb. It only took about ten minutes before a little two-door Nissan pulled over and we squeezed in between three Mexicans. At the bottom of the canyon they let us off and we stuck out the thumbs again. As we walked up the hill, we noted how it always seems to be people with small old cars that are already full of people who pick up hitchhikers, and how this has been the case whenever either of us had done it. This of course conjured up reflections on possessions, humility, compassion, etc. I'm sure we both had some great insights.

Which we abandoned several minutes later when a man pulled over in his brand new four door pickup to let us in as he drove home to his estate behind La Caille.