Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Target smell was "day old egg nog pancakes"

One of my professors today said that it is impossible to imagine a smell (Slide #9). I wanted to ask her how anyone could ever know that, but she advanced her powerpoint presentation to the next slide, and the moment was lost forever into the impenetrable dark void of the past. It may as well have been six million years ago, when aliens ruled the earth. I couldn't ask the question now.
But still, I think I can imagine a smell. It might be more difficult to imagine a smell that a sound or a sight but I think I can do it. Let's try.


Crap, I almost had it that time. Obviously this is possible. I almost did it on my second try.

And according to this diagram, not only can you imagine smells, you can dream about them and then save them in jars for six to eight weeks as long as you do it in that order.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I found my wallet in a pair of pants that I never wear. Looks I'll be keeping the donkey (and oil).

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Seriuosly though. I need that wallet.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Epic Saga of the Unjust Ticket (Chapter Four)

So I just got back from the Lindon City Court. First they had a hearing for a DUI guy who had his charge reduced to "driving while under the influence of metabolife". Hmm. Then were a couple of probation violators. They were cuffed. Then a disorderly conduct guy. Then me.

I felt silly standing up, and sillier still when the judge said "It is alleged that on the seventh of november you did a..." (judge looks down at his paper) "unsafe lane travel". I plead not guilty, and he gave the option of scheduling a trial or a pretrial deal. At my request he explained that the pretrial thing was basically a meeting with the prosecutor in which we try and hammer out some sorta deal without going to trial. I opted for that one, figuring that it was the less risky choice. It is scheduled for the 7th of December, fully two months after my ticket.

In talking with people who have contested traffic tickets, it seems like at the very least the prosecutor will offer for me to pay the fine without it going on my record. That would be nice. But I want more, dangit. Is the cop really going to show up after to testify after two months as though he really remembers this ticket out of the brazilian others he has written since then? I'll mention this to the prosecutor and show him my evidence. If he will reduce the fine signifcantly (I'm talkin half) then I think I'll take it. If he wants the full price then I will probably act like I am going to take it to trial to see if he's serious, and if he is, I will probably back down. 80 bucks though, come on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Shiny New Donkey

to whoever finds my wallet for me.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Now we're juicy!

Now, in addition to this site's recently discovered Moxie, we have Google Juice!

This is a proud day in the history of the blog you are reading. This site is now Google's first hit for the words Swirly Patterns.

Try it.

(And, if you do a google image search, the picture of the back of my head is hit #41, with Rocky Anderson at #38)

Google's technology is such that the more times a phrase is linked to a certain site from other sites, or the more times a link is visited from a particular search result, the higher it will be rated in relevancy to that search topic. In other words, if lots of people do a search for a certain word or phrase, then click on a certain link, google moves it up higher in the search results. There can be hilarious consequences to this, as you can imagine.

So thank you linkers, dilligent searchers, and google bombers. I'm going home to have a nice tall glass of Google Juice.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Bah, that last entry is so boring. I hate having it be on top.