Friday, January 27, 2006

Holy Crap, a New Band!

The rumors are true. Yes even the one about the lobsters. But this post concerns the rumors about the new band. Here is our myspace site* URL:

Well, that pretty much explains everything doesn't it? Happy Weekend to you.

*Yes, I got a myspace account. Now can I go outside and play?


Territorial Soufleé said...

Wow, temptuos sweetner, thy name is Loverunner. Seriously though M.R.T.R, that is way cool. I was definatly impressed by the I Was True song on the website. I look forward your to performance.

Pretty much one of the coolest people you could know... said...

Myspace? That's for all the cool kids to show off their hot pix.

This reminded me of you:
Because you're defined by those two times I saw you play that magical folding box.

randi said...

whoa. is that a goat on your chin? or do my eyes deceive me? either way....hottie mchot pants is your new name.

randi said...

nevermind...its just the shadow of the curtain in the piano pic looked like a goatee on your chin....thats what you get for making judgments in the wee hours of the morning. i am a foolish girl.

jackie smaz said...

...i knew you when.

Greedy Kristian said...

Good luck this weekend. Hope all goes well at Kilby.