Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Days with the Fawns

I work at Outback Treatment Program. We take these kids out into the west desert to help their souls dry out, as the song goes. Anyway on the last day of one of my eight-day shifts I went out for a walk by myself while I was waiting for the others to wake up. I got a ways up the river and heard this weird noise.

Well it turned out to be an abandoned fawn with a broken leg. He (I don't know whether it was a he but eh.) was tiny, like the size of a big rabbit.

He slept for a while and we called our office who called fish and game. Saving fawns is not really their thing, it turns out.

He drank quite a bit of Dr. Shane's Wild Fawn Formula (which is what we named our collaboration of dehydrated milk, butter, sugar, and salt all mixed with warm plastic-flavored water.

So I am afraid this story has a sad ending. Our office advised us to leave him there to hobble around until he gets eaten by an eagle or dies of starvation (not their exact words).

Insert philosophical discussion about the cruelty of nature here.

Still I'm glad we met.

(that weird sound is me whistling to try and get him to look at the camera)


Melanie said...

Cute little guy. I think you should re-write the ending however. Too sad.

Territorial Soufleé said...

I thought Happy Days was with the Fonz not the Fawns. Guess you probably caught that already. What a neat experience. Not to say it was tidy, but it was beneficial. I hope that life has more in store for me than breaking a leg and being left out until eagles eat me(I'm no Prometheus).

Michelle 2021 said...

I kind of wanted to cry when I reviewed your story. Too bad the universe works. You're sweet to try and help.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

Brave little guy. At least you were there to help in his time of need. Like most sad situations there is always something more one wishes they could do.

jo said...

I like this story even more in blog form. Just kidding. This is why I study biology... but I already told you that.

Michelle 2021 said...

I really like that little fawn. Again, I kind of wanted to cry. (My computer finally decided to play the clip.)

Landy said...

awh! cute little thing. wonder what happened to it.

Laverna said...

He followed me home . . . can I keep it?