Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall 2006: Intro to Programming in Java

Ok, he doesn't look a lot like Ray Romano, but his voice sounds identical. Every time he says something I expect it to be hilariously frantic, clueless, or pathetic (much like that lovable Raymond), but it never is. This distraction is probably why I am already several assignments behind.
Don't expect big things from a programming class. Five weeks in and I am still trying to draw a red circle. It keeps coming out as a square. And I'm supposed to program my own version of Craps?

"Computers are stupid."

Computers are really stupid"

"Java is crazy."

"The people who designed Java are crazy."

His Website


Matthew Page said...

I hear you man. I am also taking a web class this semester. It might be "Java". I'm not sure. I don't think the teacher's sure either. Good thing I wasn't really interested in web stuff (it's a requirement) because I'm not learning anything. Honestly, I am sure I couldn't do a red circle either.

eped said...

I went to his website. it sounds like what everyone needs is for him to quit faking the "stupid" computers thing and juggle some fire. nothing would make crazy Java and craps appear more manegable. you might have to pass around a sign-up sheet to get volunteers to bring the kerosene and stuff.

Territorial Soufleé said...

I took a java class last year. Much to my chagrin it had nothing to do with that Indonesian island that is so in vogue with the Indonesians. A genius study buddy won the war.