Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall 2006: Music from the Inside Out

Professor Cottle likes Shania Twain but don't judge him. And his class may be very impractical, but its helping me graduate. Basically we listen to each other's music collections and then talk about it. Then we do that again. Every day. Also: he told us a story about this composer who sold tickets to his concert at carnegie hall. The fans walked into the auditorium and out the back door where they were loaded onto buses that took them to a power station. The fans walked through the power station for a while and heard the buzzing and pulsing, then bused back to Carnegie Hall, and that was the concert. I mean I could have done that, but then there's the whole Columbus egg thing.

"Danger Music!"

"Would you believe we have a word for that? Vocalese."

"I have a PhD, so I can listen to whatever music I want."

He looks like John Locke from "Lost".

More info on this fine fellow.


Allyson said...

I thought you said this was "Music from Inside Out," and I was both horrified and more horrified.

Territorial Soufleé said...

Have you ever disected a music to see what it had eaten?

Michelle 2021 said...

Hey Allyson, I resemble that remark!

Laverna said...

One of the other music faculty members, John Costa is really into that sort of new music.
His ideal concert would be a huge wall of speakers blasting something like George Crumb's Black Angels.
And I quote, "That's sick!"
What class is this?

T.R. said...

Allyson: both of those?

Souff: weird...

Michelle: Hey, hows it going?

Laverna: Honors 4473

Michelle 2021 said...

Hi TR. Things are going well. I'll give you a friendly jingle one of these days.