Friday, January 05, 2007

Looking back and forward (like that Chagall painting)

It's that time. You knew this post was coming, so let's get it over with.


January - Geezer (my dog) runs away.
February - First LoveRunner concert.
March - Parents begin divorce paperwork.
April - A long overdue breakup occurs.
May - I get sick for the first and last time of 2006.
June - I begin work at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions.
July - I move into the white house.
August - LoveRunner goes on tour to Phoenix, Calexico, and Hollywood.
September - I complete my second marathon and want to vomit, die.
October - I permanently alter the course of my life by buying a crockpot.
November - I buy an accordion and become addicted.
December - I see the Spiral Jetty.


January - Dad moves to Bakersfield, California
February - I finish my senior thesis.
March - My niece is born.
April - I discover true love but am too foolish and egotistical to recognize it.
May - I graduate with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.
June - I return to work at Outback.
July - LoveRunner is signed to a reputable record label.
August - Mom changes her last name back to English.
September - I take the GRE and shop for Masters and PhD programs.
October - I depart on an indefinite journey of self-discovery through Central and South America.
November - A near-death experience on my journey causes paradigm shift; I return home to elope to Las Vegas (temple) with April Girl.
December - Geezer returns from two-year journey of self-discovery; is better for the experience.


jeremy said...

I lived in Bakersfield for 16 months. It is not a place of self-discovery.

Awright13 said...

I liked the Chagall reference. Oh, and congrats on meeting your dream girl in the coming year though I might suggest being more vigilant so you can save yourself some time.

jo said...

good job on the spiral jetty. next year, mount rushmore? you seen it?

T.R. said...

sign me up

Michelle 2021 said...

I like this post a lot.

kel said...

huzzah for the March projection!

she now has a onesie with a mustard dog (as in hotdog w/ mustard) on it. we're taking care of the importanat things first... car seat later.

Melanie said...

I liked Geezer...