Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Called to ERV, ch. 1

A not very good excuse for my extended absence is that I am working at Outback again (not the steakhouse).

Needless to say, it hasn't been the same river twice. In fact, there are no rivers at all in the west desert, just a a couple spring fed streams a countless dry washes that fill up a dozen times per year.

I guess what I am trying to say is that a bunch of crazy shit has happened. (I thought for a few seconds about a milder but adequate way to say that but clearly I didn't come up with one.) Ask me about it sometime. But besides that, this company has gotten more corporate than ever, and my job has gone from being a teacher, inviter, leader by example, guru and guide to being a bottom rung risk manager (with no new office and no pay raise). Plus it seems like we're just accepting anyone these days as far as clients. I should probably stop there.

Anyway, imagine my mixture of delight and wariness when I was told I would be "ERV"-ing this week. What is an ERV? I found out that it is the clever acronym for Outback's "Emergency Response Vehicle". What this means is that I would be driving around in the desert for a full week all by myself with only occasional contact with other homo sapiens in person or over the radio.


cate said...

Just think what a cool drama sequel that could make on network television. "The new ER"... it's:"ERV!" That is to say, I am sorry your life has become something that could be turned into a slow paced but legitimate TV drama possibility.

badgermiddlemas said...

Yeah, I work in the middle of nowhere too( gold mine), although I wish I had even less contact with homo sapiens( or any other type of primate.)

kel said...

are you insured to drive the ERV? because this is serious.