Monday, September 17, 2007

Summer Reading Roundup '07

The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint Exupery

This was a re-read. It was just as awesome the second time. Also, guess what. The author was born on June 29, just like me.


The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman

A fairly uplifting and inspiring book. The story wasn't particularly interesting, but it had some cool ideas that were probably newer in the 70s when it was written. One thing that bothered me was the way Socrates kept giving Dan visions by pressing on his eyelids. When I do that all I see are swirly gray things. Also, did he really forget Joy, or was that just more embellishment?


The Monkey Wrench Gang

Edward Abbey

This one is fun, especially if you are a Utahn, a Mormon, an environmetalist, an anarchist, or a vandal. I am or have been in the past each of those things to varying degrees, so you can imagine how much I liked it. Some of Abbey's puns are unbearable, but since he seems to be having so much fun making them, I didn't mind so much. There are some radical politics in here (similar to Tyler Durden's) so if you have a hard time suspending judgment AND you listen to Sean Hannity, I would steer clear of this one.


River Teeth

David James Duncan

Short Stories. Good ones. Some of them drag a bit, but so does summer.


Everything's Eventual

Stephen King

More short stories. Dark Ones. Stephen King writes with reckless abandon, with some entertaining (though sometimes silly) results.



jeremy said...

'prideful opinion', nice. I will read one a day starting at day 7 and working backwards. As soon as I find out how to work backwards.

allyson elizabeth said...

I would like to read the "Monkey Wrench Game," but sometimes I have trouble suspending judgment when I listen to Sean Hannity, so would you still recommend it?

T.R. said...

yes. yes I would. i see that the way I worded that sounds sort of like the opposite of what I meant. i do that sometimes. i will correct it...

Creativity Escapes Me said...

I've been reading Harry Potter all summer so it's about time for a break. Funny you should mention Tyler Durden. I picked up Fight Club today (this is my second time around with Mr. Palahniuk). God bless screenwriters.

eped said...

"Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear."
-good grief Hayduke, give us a break! less coy, more chainsaw.