Monday, October 01, 2007

Living and That's All

Is there a difference between Boredom and Contentment?
What about Contentment and Enlightenment?
Enlightenment and Nirvana?
Nirvana and Extinction?

The best answer submitted before the next blog post will receive (1) loaf of banana bread baked by me while in a state somewhere between boredom and contentment.

It might be time for me to move to Arizona.


*MILLY* said...

Boredom and Contentment?
Well boredom is normally not a state of satisfaction, lack of entertainment or being able to find something to entertain the mind, a mild irritant to most and other more extreme. Contentment is if you have nothing to entertain your mind you are fine with it, no annoyance or irritation involved.

What about Contentment and Enlightenment? well contentment is like said above, you are fine with where you are emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc...
While enlightenment is a type of awakening. You reach the highest peace and happiness. Most people who are content are not at the highest happiness they are just at a state of no worries for a moment, until life happens and things change and the contentment is gone and the balance needs to be re found.

Enlightenment and Nirvana?
Well If you reach a state of nirvana, your body dies and goes to heaven and is not reborn, your cycle is over. You have reached the true happiness. Enlightenment is a higher state that most people can not achieve so they settle for a lesser goal with nirvana to end the re-birthing process. But all this really differs from different beliefs and such, just like Christianity and other religions it can be based off the same things and yet be very different in the end.

Nirvana and Extinction? Nirvana is just one persons stop at re-birth. The entire world of people would have to reach a state of nirvana or higher enlightenment in order to become truly extinct. Extinction is different than nirvana, you can kill off a race, breed, etc... but you can not force them or send them to nirvana. it has to be achieved by the soul itself.

Those are just some of my thoughts on the matter. I am not well rehearsed in Buddhist teachings but I have read into them over the past couple years and 2 of my friends are into the Buddhists teaching and talk about these things often

kel said...

once you can accept the universe as something expanding into an infinate nothing, which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.

i can't take credit... Albert E. said that but i think it has to do with what you're asking.

it also helps to be in love.

j said...

i want banana bread.

iwishtheycalledmesam said...

contentment is being happy even if you're bored (or should be bored).
enlightenment is understanding why you're happy.
nirvana is a rock group that my sister used to like and a kid in my 4th grade class wrote his "someone i admire" biography about kurt cobain.
extinction is the state of people who give banana bread without hope of return.

louise said...

i really like arizona. i only went there once, but it was lots and gallons of fun.
winter would be a good time to move to arizona, but they say the summers will kill you. but i don't think they would kill me. i'm just that tough.

olivia loveless said...

one of these things is not like the others.
"boredom", "contentment", "enlightenment" and "extinction" are all nominalizations of other words based on the addition of an English derivational morpheme. (specifically "dom" "ment" or "tion")
"nirvana" is a word that seems to come as-is from the Sanskrit.
while distinct in semantics, "bore" and "enlighten" both come from Old English while "content" and "extinct" come from Middle French and Latin, respectively.
"nirvana" shares the literal translation of disappearance with "extinction" but carries a spiritual connotation which "extinction" lacks.
i would assert that of your proposed pairs "boredom" and "contentment" are the most diametrically opposed and that "extinction" and "nirvana" are the most closely related.

olivia loveless said...

oddly enough.

t. said...

i'm not living.
i'm just killing time.

j said...

i still want banana bread.

Anna said...

The difference between boredom and contentment is your choice in the matter.

The difference between contentment and enlightenment is an input of energy.

The difference between enlightenment and nirvana is reality.

The difference between nirvana and extinction is being able to correctly use your GPS to find where they left your next water supply while wandering through the deserts of central Arizona.

j said...

is this talk of banana bread just a cruel joke? a heartless prank designed to prey on those of us who don't have enough time to make our own baked good?
because that's rude.
and because you waited so long to announce that i was the obvious winner to your little contest, i had to spend nearly $7 for pumpkin bread at great harvest today.

and happy columbus day.

T.R. said...

milly: so definitive and scholarly. yours is an entry worthy of wikipedia.

kelly: your answer somehow answers my question on an even deeper level, yet somehow still manages to be mostly irrelevant. Well done!

j: I admire your sincerity and perseverance. That's why it's so hard for me to tell you that your answer definitely does not win. also, update your "happyment" blog. Also, are you and louise and t the same person? This is confusing.

sam: a strong start, with a concise, practical approach. then your answer loses focus about halfway through, and confuses me quite completely by the end. there is potential here. develop it.

louise: I think I will probably move to Arizona sometime in January. For a few months at least. (thank you for playing.)

olivia loveless: somehow you seem to know, either from my blog entries or some other way, that I love trivia, and your answer sublimates trivia all over the place. I'm pretty sure you're the winner. and something about nirvana and extinction being the most closely related things resonated with the nihilistic part of me.

there is still, of course, the difficulty of who in the world you are, and how I am going to get a loaf of banana bread to you. If you live out of state or something, then I think that kelly is the winner by default.

t: condolences.

j: hello again. it sounds like you have found some sort of equilibrium in your life, even if you are balanced in a place that you'd rather not be.

anna: determinism is definitely overrepresented around here, and an answer like yours is exactly what this contest, nay, this entire blog needs. Thank you, and come over sometime for a slice of pumpkin pie. But don't expect whipped cream on it. Only perverts put whipped cream on pumpkin pie.

j: welcome back. again. it is good that you know yourself well enough to know that you want banana bread. now, might I suggest that you may have a deeper desire that underlies your desire for banana bread?

the anna said...

ha! i fooled you! but do i really win? cause i wanted to win so badly. i was so bored at work.
if my being j, "sam", louise, olivia, and t somehow disqualifies me, i totally understand. and kelly deserves bread.

ps- this would be joanna, liz samuelson's little sis
and i live very much in state. (ha ha pun)

T.R. said...

what do you say, everyone? does one winning answer make up for the rest? Does Fake Olivia win or does Kelly?

the anna said...

come now, tr, surely you can make this decision?
what it really comes down to is: were you or were you not bugged that i entered under multiple names?

in my defense, i was not trying to stack the deck, as it were, in my favor; that was merely a pleasant side effect.

your thought provoking question quite simply provoked SO many thoughts that i couldn't possibly choose just one to enter. (and i wanted to know which would be the "best.")

it just kind of seemed like maybe if i entered them all under my own name, you wouldn't have given them equal treatment.
(it's good to know that it was the linguist-masquerading-as-an-english-major in me that won. fitting, i think.)

besides, all of the names are legit. and significant. so i'm not really "fake" olivia. (ask jo.)

what if i gave you a clear, concise and thorough explication of my responses?
what if...
i can offer you membership on a jump rope team. that's pretty awesome. and it's totally for real.

...then could i win?

jo said...

I feel like I have some sort of obligations toward both winners but I can't remember why...

Anonymous said...

I think Joanna deserves the prize.

Chris said...

I think the fake Olivia is the clear winner, but only if the prize can be delivered between October 25th and October 29th (when I'm in town). Otherwise just give it to Kelly.

T.R. said...

hmm. Looks like the mob has spoken, even if the mob is even more Joannas. What do the other contestants say?

the anna said...

not more joannas. just brothers in law.

i learned my lesson.

Anonymous said...

i officially vote for j. give the girl some banana bread.

kel said...

thank you, sir.

Loki said...

My answer would have been soft serve ice cream.

I thought maybe they were all cool hip young bands I should probably be listening to.