Saturday, November 03, 2007

Botulism: Kenny Rogers' Elixir of Life

I like to buy food at the dollar* store. On my last visit I found a jar of marmalade. I guess you often get what you pay for (or less) because I found the safety button on the lid was up. Not a good sign.

But I am a young, healthy, individual with a digestive tract of steel, so what's the worst that could happen? I thought maybe I would eat it anyway, but after some research, changed my mind.

Botulism! (from latin "botulus" = sausage?). Not only can it kill you, but it also causes paralysis. That's why you can have it injected into your cheeks to make you look younger and/or plastic.

So don't eat bulged cans, bottles where the safety button is up, or those crazy bottles of garlic and pepper-infused olive oil. And check your bottles at Honk's before checkout.

*In fact, just avoid Honk's all together. Every time I go in there, I remember that it is no longer a dollar store. They changed it to a $1.05 store. Nerds.


cate said...

I remember the good ol' days when Honk's was known as "everything is just $1.00". So sad it has turned into one of those sell out institutions like "everything is just $1.05". Yeah, I'll be avoiding that kind of rubbish from here on out.

allyson elizabeth said...

I stopped buying food at the dollar store my freshman year of college. Let's just say that mashed potatoes aren't a good choice either.