Saturday, December 15, 2007


Busking is informal street performance in exchange for money, etc. Like the guy who does the card tricks at Fisherman's Wharf or the Naked Cowboy in New York (He actually does wear briefs).

Anyway, last night I got a $5 bill. Cool. I think once last year I got a $10 bill. Those were exciting. But I've also gotten:

-Canada Coins
-Hong Kong Coins
-Sacajawea dollars
-Susan B. Anthony dollars
-George Washington dollars
-"God Bless You"
-"Happy Holidays"
-"Can you play the Sailor's Hornpipe?"
-"You're not homeless!"
-Solicited to go to an ACN convention.
-A card that said "make $50-150k per year! Call now!"

All of which may have been even more exciting. I don't do this for the money, but it's nice.


allyson elizabeth said...

Onetime at a gas station a woman gave me a Canadian coin as change to my legitimate and patriotic dollar bill.

I was pretty upset, but at least it lets me connect with you about this busking business.

an illdressed foolishwise said...

you're my hero.

T.R. said...

Bad Dresser: I'm afraid you're headed for disappointment. But thanks! Also: to answer your question from earlier, I don't want to post the definition of that word on here. You should look it up on if you're curious. but then get away from that website as quickly as possible. You're far too nice a person to be poking around there.

Allyson: Damn communists. Am I right?

Lee said...

I think I saw that naked cowboy on one of those People's Court-esque shows that dominate afternoon non-cable television. If it wasn't him, it was another naked cowboy.

Anyway, his wife was suing him or something because he was always busy being the naked cowboy and getting with other females, and she felt that was causing him to neglect her and their kids. I only watched a few minutes of it, so I don't know for sure.