Friday, January 05, 2007

Looking back and forward (like that Chagall painting)

It's that time. You knew this post was coming, so let's get it over with.


January - Geezer (my dog) runs away.
February - First LoveRunner concert.
March - Parents begin divorce paperwork.
April - A long overdue breakup occurs.
May - I get sick for the first and last time of 2006.
June - I begin work at Outback Therapeutic Expeditions.
July - I move into the white house.
August - LoveRunner goes on tour to Phoenix, Calexico, and Hollywood.
September - I complete my second marathon and want to vomit, die.
October - I permanently alter the course of my life by buying a crockpot.
November - I buy an accordion and become addicted.
December - I see the Spiral Jetty.


January - Dad moves to Bakersfield, California
February - I finish my senior thesis.
March - My niece is born.
April - I discover true love but am too foolish and egotistical to recognize it.
May - I graduate with a Bachelor's degree in psychology.
June - I return to work at Outback.
July - LoveRunner is signed to a reputable record label.
August - Mom changes her last name back to English.
September - I take the GRE and shop for Masters and PhD programs.
October - I depart on an indefinite journey of self-discovery through Central and South America.
November - A near-death experience on my journey causes paradigm shift; I return home to elope to Las Vegas (temple) with April Girl.
December - Geezer returns from two-year journey of self-discovery; is better for the experience.