Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I guess let's do this again


January: Dad moves to Bakersfield, CA
February: This
March: My niece is born.
April: Thesis due date whizzes by
May: Cate gets married
June: I return to work at Outback (not the steakhouse)
July: This was a strange month
August: Havasupai makes me like August again
September: The accordion returns
October: I get laid off from Outback, and start working for Aspiro
November: No more Aspiro. Visions of running away invade my daydreams and night dreams.
December: Contented confusion sets in.


Hmm. This is much trickier than last year. Raincheck?

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Creativity Escapes Me said...

Running away gives you the perfect excuse to go on your path of self-discovery through the Americas. Take Geezer's lead and set foot toward the southern horizon.