Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The great sugar challenge

That was what my 8th grade home ec teacher called it. But I didn't do it then because she wanted us to do it over Halloween! What a square.
And I never had plans to do it, ever. Until two Mondays ago when I went to the dollar theater. I had smuggled in some giant boxes of Mike and Ikes because, sharing, right? (By the way, don't bother seeing "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead").
Nobody really wanted any. In less than 24 hours I had eaten both boxes (about a pound of candy) almost without any help. I knew I had a problem.
It has now been two weeks since I have eaten sugar. Yeah, I let myself eat fruit and drink juice and eat things like bread that have added sugar, but I have given up soda, desserts of all kind, sweetened cereal, candy, juice cocktails, cookies, jam, honey, syrup, and lots of other things that used to make life great. For one month. Here is what I have missed out on so far: (This list only includes things I'd have gotten for free that people have offered me, not things that I could just go buy anytime).

chocolate milk
cocoa puffs
chex sweet mix
hot tamales
scones w/ honey
waffles w/ syrup
ice cream
blueberry cream cheese roll (this one hurt)
pumpkin cookies
hot cocoa from Xocolate (voted best in SLC)
cheesecake bites
more cookies
strawberry shortcake with sweet whipped cream
more brownies
cinnamon bears
hershey's caramel kisses
lemon bars
reese's peanut butter cups
a bunch of other stuff

In addition, I have done something that offends my personal morals: I drank diet root beer when there was regular available. Terrible.
A friend told me she did the same thing once and it made her more moderate in her sugar consumption. But this experience has got me wondering: Is that an entirely good thing?


cate said...

I'm all for moderation but sometimes it seems sugar moderation can be kind of extreme.

Awright13 said...

diet is actually supposed to give you cancer. I'm not trying to encourage your intake of more sugar but hey, is diet really worth the risk? Go you for moderation, but don't do it at the price of cancer.

jeremy said...

1. You're my hero.
2. You monster.

T.R. said...

I-spartame, You-spartame,
we all spartame for Aspartame!

Laverna said...

I've long been sold on the value of eating a little refined sugar as possible. You just feel better.
I do struggle with turning down free food, though. Good on you.

Anna said...

I know a person or two that would have liked to see you use those Mike and Ikes for a much more worthy cause. You know, something like, how many Mike and Ikes can TR stuff in his _______. Dang. Don't you hate missed opportunities!

eped said...

ok TR, I've been thinking about this and I think I want to do it too sometime, maybe once the temperatures are staying in the double digits.

I'm impressed.
we'll talk.