Friday, February 15, 2008

Be. Expressive. B.E. Expressive.

There are some words and phrases which are popular right now from various TV shows. I know they can be useful for expressing yourself, but they're getting overused and you sound a little bit like an airhead when you use them. Fortunately, there are great alternatives to all of them. And with your help, these will become popular in a few months and we will be remembered as the avant-garde hipsters that said them before anyone else! (When that happens, we can move on to the next big thing).

1. "Not so much"

Sure, this one was fun for a while, but now... less so. Did you see what I did there? "Less so" can replace "not so much".

2. "Sketchy"

I never used to hear this word until snowboarders started using it. Now it seems like everything is sketchy. So in light of America's recent pilfering of British-isms (remember "cheers?"), I recommend "dodgy" as the new "sketchy". Try it once and you'll be hooked.

3. "Meh."

This one was my favorite once. But then we started seeing it on Subway commercials and worse. You know something has run its course when it appears on a Subway commercial. Let's keep most of the word, but make it unique. "Feh" is my favorite, but often an "Mm" will do, especially with a small shrug.

4. "I know, right?"

To be honest, I still say this. It was especially hilarious in Juno when she would just say "right?" to show agreement. However, I remembered the other day that they used it on Mean Girls, and wasn't that like four years ago? It's time for it to go. One thing we can do is borrow a popular Northern US expression. "Init". "Init?" is the same as saying "Isn't it?" or in other words, it's a contraction of a contraction. I expect this expression will meet the most resistance on its road to popularity, but if you have a hard time accepting it, I recommend watching the movie Smoke Signals. That one came out long enough ago to be retro.

I'm sure there are other ones that need to phrased out of use. Suggestions?


allyson elizabeth said...

I think you meant "Northern US Indian Tribe. "Inuit"" But everyone makes mistakes

jo said...

dare I even mention, "my bad"? I thought we'd all mutually agreed to phase this one out and yet I still hear it... and, funny thing, I still hate it. Let's all agree that, "I'm sorry, that was my mistake" is, though longer, in fact a better choice.

and to those that don't agree... I'm sorry, that's my mistake.

natalie said...

this is great- i showed my friends. I especially like dodgy, it has always been one of my favorite British words.
"less so" is pretty funny too

and I think jo is right on the, "my bad" we need to halt that trend.

badgermiddlemas said...

Don't go there. Oh no you dit-unt! Or I'll be all up in ya bidniss. Dink and flicka. Bomb diggety. Word.

Michelle 2021 said...

I like "I know, right?" because Andy Bernard of the famed and long-missed television series "The Office" (ever heard of it?) says it.

I thought that's who you were quoting to begin with.

Vaminos! Bueno!

Ems said...

I can be on board with 'less so' but I still kind of like 'sketchy' so I'll just watch it around you.

Melanie said...

Remember when you tried to bring back "rad"? I participated in that campaign.

T.R. said...

I think you meant to ask "remember when we successfully brought back 'rad'?"