Monday, February 25, 2008

Choose your own adventure

Remember those things? One thing about them, they're the only books that I have ever read that were written in second person. Want to play?

It is March. You quit your job three months ago. You spend three months not working. You start to look for new jobs. You are torn between becoming an adult and having a summer of adventure. You have four choices of jobs.

If you choose to be a river guide in Moab, turn to page 2.

If you choose to work as a multisport tour guide in Southern Utah and Arizona, turn to page 17.

If you choose to work as hiking and float trip guide in the Arctic Circle, turn to page 25.

If you choose to take the full time job of a responsible adult, turn to page 40.

I'm not interested in which one you think I should do. I am interested in which one you would do. Oh, by the way, none of these have been offered to me yet. But they are all possibilities still.


badgermiddlemas said...

Pg. 40

You take a low paying civil service job that gives you carpal tunnel syndrome,a comb over, and bad skin after years of being exposed to dim fluorescent lights, but does not provide sufficient insurance to pay for your treatment. You have officially been conquered by the MAN...The End?

T.R. said...

Fluorescent lights? No way! Have you been to the City Library? There is enough natural light in there to sunburn five homeless men each monopolizing his own aluminum patio table and its three other aluminum chairs with his backpack and plastic shopping bags!

(also, it's the highest paying of the bunch.)
(also, I don't think I'm going bald in the near future. See previous post.)

Maybe carpal tunnel syndrome. But they do have a pretty good health plan. Better than Coldfoot at least, which I think amounts to: "Yeah, we'll try and squeeze you into the mail truck tomorrow when it heads 500 miles south down the unpaved Dalton Highway to Fairbanks."

I think I was conquered by The Man long ago. But since then, he has kind of let me do my own thing.

jeremy said...

I always cheated on these things and would read all the endings, then take the path that would lead to those endings

In this case, Multi-sport (pg. 17) was the only one with the word paradise in it:"In this hiker's paradise,..."; therefore, the only path that leads to paradise. And it combined multiple sports, something I usually try to do (like playing frolf, extreme ironing, or kissing tag).

Plus I was planning on hiking The Narrows this summer anyhow. Well, maybe this fall.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

I tried to read one of those books but I always died, no matter what avenue I decided on. I put them away. They were more boy books anyway.

Grace Rich said...

I agree that you have enough hair that you're not going to be doing the comb over any time soon, and that the library is a pretty feng shui place to work, and that I think you would really enjoy and you'd be good for them... oh wait, I'm supposed to be saying what I would do...

I think the Man can wait. He will always be there, and your youth won't. If it were my choice, I'd go to Alaska I think. I've already done the river thing, and I think the heat in the summer doing the multi sport might suck the life right out of me. So, I think AK would be my choice.... but that's just me, and we can see that it's a little hard for me to follow what I "should do"
PS Being a adult sucks

Jo said...

I choose river guide.

I've always wanted to do this. I still do. How fun would that be? Taking an adventure down the river several times a day. Sure there might be some mindless and even ignorant chatter from those who choose to go down with you, but I find that's easy to ignore when there is fascinating landscape to enjoy. And wildlife even! And water! I'd choose this part of the Choose Your Own Adventure book.

Laverna said...

Given that I am married, that changes my perspective. I would definitely want to do one of the top three choices, but that decision would be more dependent on whether Dan could come or not. (Alaska is particularly promising, as I enjoy fishing, but all look like they would be a lot of fun.)
Were I footloose and fancy-free, I'd choose Alaska. I do not regret being married, it is the best decision I ever made. However, make sure that you get all the things done (i.e. outdoor guide, roaming the country, etc.) that are more difficult to do with a spouse/family before you get married. That way, no regrets. And if she likes to do that same sort of thing (and she probably will, because you married her), more power to you. You can roam the country and river guide together.

natalie said...

I'd go for the Arctic circle.

Ali VanLeeuwen said...

Well TR.. I agree with Grace. That old smelly man can wait. I seem to be reading the same book as you are.. All these summer options.. My options are slightly different. I got on at Adrift in Moab but I'm still contemplating all the other pages in my summer adventure book.

What to do, what to do..

T.R. said...

Great points Laverna. The thing I have to realize though, is that I have done "all of those things", by a lot of people's standards.

-2003 mission
-2004 traveled and hiked through the wasatch, idaho, and southern utah
-2005 toured the west with a band. spent five weeks backpacking through Europe.
-2006 worked as a wilderness guide. toured with a different band.
-2007 worked as a wilderness guide.

At what point should I call it off and grow up? pretty soon probably!

T.R. said...

but yeah, having said that, I will probably spend another summer doing something interesting far away, similar to Ali.

Michelle 2021 said...

Can I choose chilling in a miniscule town in the eastern Arizona mountains, longing for another reason to go to Wal-Mart so I can escape my apartment?

Yeah, that's what I want. Go Summer 2008!

If I'm lucky, I'll prove myself more brave than the scorpions are scary, and learn to love the desert. As for the given choices, I would probably choose to go to Alaska; I do not, however, possess even one marketable sports-related skill, unless you count first-aid and knowing how to splint a broken limb.