Monday, March 03, 2008

Good book and a bad movie

I haven't seen the movie of The Fountainhead yet, but I did just finish the book. I liked it. If nothing else, it was a clever and engaging story with some interesting characters.
It is also a book with an agenda, one of hardcore intractable capitalism. I remember the line where I knew the author had lost me. It was something to do with how there was more suffering contained in one talented man whose artistic talent was held back by a populist society than there was in a warehouse full of starving people. Well what is one of those people was your child, Ayn Rand? Huh? What then?!
Anyway I did like the book and I liked her whole philosophy as it applies to the individual. Read it sometime when you have a spare two months (the thing is 700 pages long, and they're not Harry Potter pages either).
The bad movie I was referring to in the title of this post is Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. Avoid this movie.

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