Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Visionary: Idealistic

a. Prescient: Clever
b. Officious: Obliging
c. Dialectical: Logical
d. Zealous: Fanatical
e. Disciplined: Religious

Advice given by The Princeton Review's Cracking the GRE:

"Make a sentence. VISIONARY means overly IDEALISTIC. Does ZEALOUS mean overly FANATICAL? Yes."

Um, no actually. You've got it backwards. FANATICAL means overly ZEALOUS, and I've got the Oxford English Dictionary on my side here. (Poor OED. We come before it with the every little dispute we can think of like it's King Solomon. Thank goodness Wikipedia has taken up some of the slack.)

Was there a time when they wouldn't just toss a red pen to any bum from off the street just because he knows how to separate two words with a colon?

P.S. Tomorrow is the big day. What am I doing blogging about it?


eped said...


and doesn't visionary tend to carry a positive connotation, while idealistic less so? whatev.

grourk said...
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grourk said...

Visionary means overly idealistic? That makes no sense! And zealous doesn't mean overly fanatical; it's the other way around: fanatical means overly zealous. [edit: whoops you already said that]

Lucky for you, those are Princeton Review questions and the real GRE questions are usually better / less ambiguous.

The GRE is stupid. It's not deserving of being my 75% namesake.

Good luck!

Laverna said...

I don't think that being visionary means idealistic. We ought to consult the dictionary on that one too.
Good luck on the test. Did the studying actually help any?