Sunday, March 09, 2008

Survey Says...

Do the following things make you like summer more or less?

1. Sunburn
2. Mosquito Bites
3. Ice Cream Headaches
4. High Gas Prices
5. Being too hot/sweaty/stinky
6. Sluggishness

I know what my answers will be, but I don't want them to taint yours.


B. said...

Less. Definitely less.

T.R. said...

It hasn't been quite 24 hours, but now there's this other post in the way so I'll just answer now.

1. Sunburn - I have so many positive associations with it that this is a "more". Maybe my impending subsequent skin cancer will change all of that though.

2. Less. While the first one of the season is kind of charming, I hate mosquito bites.

3. More. (duh)

4. I like road trips so much that this really becomes just a minor irritation. Plus it forces me to ride a bike sometimes, so "more".

5. Hot = more; Sweaty = less; stinky = less

6. Less. The way the heat makes me feel like doing nothing is my least favorite thing about summer.

Expavesco said...

I am having trouble imagining a sunburn being positive, regardless of the associations.