Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sam McGee is Dead.

Swirly Patterns is about to go on summer vacation. It might come back to visit once in a while, but for the most part, Sam McGee is Dead will be filling in.

I hope you all enjoy it! I know I will.


eped said...

whah? whoah. so you're going?

I hear that's a place where Robert Service ballads even get carved into the walls of restrooms.

Mark said...

now what am I going to do without our blog?

Creativity Escapes Me said...


We haven't even hit spring yet.

Grace Rich said...

So, do they not have computers in Alaska?

T.R. said...

Summer is HERE. NOW.

And just to be a bit more clear, Swirly Patterns will continue throughout the summer with occasional general thoughts about general things, but as far as chronicling adventures and reflections thereupon, Sam McGee is Dead will help me fill that void. (Yes, there are computers in Alaska. Even in Coldfoot.)