Sunday, August 17, 2008

Idea #3 (for real this time.)

So what we need to do is get rid of maps. Not all maps, I guess. Maps of interstates and urban areas I guess could be kept on file somewhere, in one of those giant library books that you can't take home. But let's destroy all the rest. and for some areas that are still wild, like the Brooks Range, lets get rid of maps entirely. Then everyone can be Bob Marshall, and not just people who were fortunate enough to be born in a time when there were still parts of the world that we had no idea existed.

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Gatsby said...

That's a great idea. Or at least throw them all away every 20 years or so. So that each generation can have a Magelin or a Cortez.

What about Compasses? Sometimes compasses can be a bit much witht their constantly shoving North down your throat. It's like "Alright, geez! Let me figure out North for myself".