Thursday, August 14, 2008

Idea #3

They're just coming to me now! All of these ideas! Thank goodness I have the blog as an outlet or else I might end up murdering someone or composing a symphony or something.

Anyway, I got this one when I was reading about Bob Marshall, who was a forester from New York. He once looked at a map of the Brooks Range of Alaska and noticed that most of it wasn't mapped. He decided to go there for that reason.

His own account of the experience talks about how appealing uncharted territories are, and how much he loved treading over unmapped territory. And so what did he do?

That jerk mapped every single place he went in the Brooks Range! Agh! I mean, Come on, Bob. Did you even read your own words? What a hypocrite. I'm too angry to talk about Idea #3 now. I'll talk about it some other time.

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cate said...

I think this blog post needs also to be tagged as a "burning chaff" entry. I'm sorry Bob is such a jerk.