Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are You a Bad Person?

For those of you who have heard that "the verdict is still out on science", get with the times! Science can do it all! All that we've figured out, at least.

You might be suspicious ever since you took that online IQ test and it told you that you're not a super genius after all. Or maybe that made you a believer. Either way, those 90 lb. weaklings in lab coats with their clipboards and computers and big words have devised yet another way to reduce you to a number, category, color, or some other thing besides a human with um, lots of potential.
Sorry, can I start over? I actually think this test is really nifty, and it has at least taught me that maybe I don't know myself as well as I think.

This was all about three years ago, of course, when I used it for a senior project and here I am finally blogging about it.

This is amazing! I have made managed to write four paragraphs without really explaining anything. That's good though; the less you know about this thing, the better it works (I'm serious). Just please make sure you read the disclaimer first.

And yes, for you skeptics out there, this was developed at Harvard (yes, THE Harvard) which automatically makes it credible. Er, that's right, isn't it? (Just don't ever let them do a hernia repair on you though. Yeesh.)

Click on the thingy and you're ready to roll...


Creativity Escapes Me said...
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Creativity Escapes Me said...

I wouldn't want Harvard Psychologists to operate on me but I would like them to classify me as other than INFJ.

This was pretty rad. First, because I knew what it was doing. Second, on the female/family - male/career test it had me pretty much where I thought I would be because of conditioning. (In fact, when I pressed the wrong key I shook my head and thought, "Damn conditioning.")