Monday, September 29, 2008

The United States of

I once heard a very convincing argument in favor of keeping assault rifles legal in the US. It went something like this:

"They're lots of fun to shoot."

Ah yes, you say, nodding, TR is being sarcastic because he is a liberal.

Your premise is true, but your conclusion is not. I am not being sarcastic. I think the fact that they are fun to shoot is a good reason, nay, the best reason to keep those things legal.

I still don't think they should be legal, but I am saying that is a pretty good reason. Anything about defending your families is a pile of crap. Yes. It. Is. Your kids are much more likely to die by mistake re-enacting that last scene from 3:10 to Yuma (why did you let them watch that anyway?) than they are to have some criminal break into your house while he's lost in your east-side suburban neighborhood. Same thing goes for any appeal to the constitution. Sure, militias fought off His Majesty's Army, but what have they done for me lately?

So where were we? Guns are fun, that's true. If you are adverse to shooting one, good luck fitting in next time you're in Alaska for five months. Here's another use for them: If you have a friends visit from another country, you can take them shooting. Depending on what country they're from, it might be the most exotic thing they ever do.

Next time on Swirly Patterns: What about hunting?


Mr. Marbles said...

Guns are indeed fun to shoot. It turns out it's even fun to shoot blanks. Especially if you're shooting a machine gun. And as far as militia are concerned- they are fairly useless. Not to diss on them too much, but ultimately when the militia is the national guard and trains with the regular army, has the same uniforms as the regular army and ultimately is just an extension of the regular army- what's the difference? and what impact should they have on a discussion of the second amendment? They don't bear arms- they draw them out of the armory one weekend a month and the rest of the time they are under government control. Not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but I think shooting guns is fun. Don't judge me.

an illdressed foolishwise said...

Ahhhh, T.R. you NEVER disappoint..

whattherandi said...

whoa. What lush locks you got goin on. Is almost distracts from the psychotic expression on your face in this picture. Is your hair still that long? Good work, my friend.

Creativity Escapes Me said...

Mr. Marbles, you drew your weapon once a month? I only drew mine twice a year. Oh, and there was that whole deployment to Afghanistan thing.

Jonathan said...

I was took two girls from Finland shooting shotguns out by Utah Lake. Within five minutes one of them nearly shot the other one's head off several times. They didn't think it was that dangerous. True story.

T.R. said...

They about FINNISHED each each other off, eh. HA HA!

Ugh. Terrible.

natalie said...

ha. nice pun.

Honestly, if people would just admit that they want guns because they're fun, I'd like them all a lot better.

And I think you're right about taking foreign friends shooting... I'm going to have to start doing that. Thanks for the tip.

badgermiddlemas said...

Yes, I think we should club the animals we eat for food instead of shooting them. That is much more humane. Seal, anyone?