Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When I Think of Love as Something New

Hey, remember the good old days when we jumped in the water? Summers were warmer then and there were no bugs. We didn't ever feel tired or if we did then it was the good kind of tired that went with sunsets and campfires. When nighttime came, it didn't even get cold.

Why can't we live in the moment anymore? Well, don't worry. It turns out we never could.

"Experiencing" is something that happens just after our brains process the event we experience, almost like we are recalling from our memory before we've even "seen" it before.

And the only difference between a true memory and a false memory is that one actually happened and the other never did, at least not how we remember it. (Guess which one is which.)

And if that wasn't enough, every time you recall an event it changes it a little. The things that you haven't thought about once are in pristine condition but the things that you have replayed over and over have either gotten better or worse every time (but you can bet they don't stay the same).

So just remember that photos don't really capture anything. They're just a tool to help you make your memories happier and happier as the years pass by at dizzying speeds.

Don't mourn those experiences either; F. Scott Fitzgerald says they're even better after you lose them.

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Anonymous said...

This idea is an oxymoron inside of me. It is sad and happy, confusing and perfectly understandable, repulsive and desired. So all we need to do is think about things to make them better. Oh, to be human and carry in us cognition. The good news for you... 50 years from now "Coldfoot Summer 2008" will be nothing less than the greatest memory of your life!!! Hang in there, it all gets better with time. Really, it does.