Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It would be cool, that's all.

Yesterday I wanted to make fun of some people. That was before last night when I had a dream. A bunch of us were hanging out on top of a mountain, hiking, sleeping, eating, and taking pictures when we heard about how this spaceship was going to come and solve all of our problems.

Being skeptics, we got a kick out of it and thought we would go to the beachfront property where this would occur just for the atmosphere and, probably, so we could feel superior to those who honestly believed in it.

After a few hours, the appointed time started approaching and some of the believers were getting antsy. I was surprised to notice a bit of anxiety in myself too, and then noticed the clouds were doing really strange things. Things I had never seen clouds do before. My friends around me starting laughing and heckling the believers but all I could do was stare at the clouds and tug at the shirt of my friend next to me to try to get him to look.

Then I noticed a figure gliding toward us on the calm ocean at inhuman speed. It looked like a child with a white face and I felt my blood turn cold. Afraid of what this thing would do I hid behind a rock while one of the believers stood fearlessly on the beach with outstretched arms. The figure landed on the shore and embraced the believer, and I was sure that it was hoax until I looked back at the clouds, which were now changing colors. A massive cube skidded onto our shore and it was clear that it was no hoax; childlike beings with white faces emerged and raised their hands and smiled, to tell us they were here now, and everything would be ok, and no hard feelings for not believing, we still love you and we forgive you.

The clock on that website happens to be 43 seconds (I guess they're on Pacific Time) before the arrival of that spaceship and it makes me sad that the "spaceship of light" won't really come. I think I want it to come almost as much as the believers, if only because of the joy I felt in my dream when I saw the figures step out the cube for the first time.