Friday, October 10, 2008

We Get Letters

A letter printed in BYU's Daily Universe this week.

My wife and I took a trip down to St. George this weekend and we had an opportunity to talk with a great uncle who lived in Austria during World War II. He remembered he was six years old when he heard Hitler speak for the first time. He told us he had a very distinct feeling of how evil Hitler was. The conversation switched to politics later on and he told us that he had the exact same feeling when he heard Obama speak for the first time. There's the common saying that those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it. I'm not a hard-core Republican or anything like that, but since he received the same revelation for these two people, shouldn't we be doing something?

Christian Anderson
St. George

To which I replied:

Every newspaper gets ridiculous letters, but most have the sense not to print them. I'm referring, of course, to Christian Anderson's Oct.10 letter comparing Obama to Hitler, citing his great uncle's "revelation".
Anderson says "shouldn't we be doing something?" Well, if you're not already doing something to support your candidate, you're probably too late. Obama is probably going to win, and when he is elected and turns out to be a great president, or even a mediocre one, Anderson will be embarrassed to have his name attached to his great uncle's ramblings in The Daily Universe's online archives. Or by "doing something", does he mean we ought to stop our leaders from invading other countries and causing deaths? Because again, too late.
By Anderson's same reasoning, all of you coeds ought to have done something when that RM had a revelation that you were foreordained to marry him after just one or two dates. Hopefully that something was to ignore the revelation of a crazy person.
I know plenty of "hardcore Republicans" that are insightful enough to recognize Obama for what he is: A bright, sincere, loyal candidate with a lifelong record of true patriotism and effective public service. I even know some who are voting for him. His faithful marriage to his wife and commitment to his family are attributes to which we ought to aspire.
As someone who believes in personal revelation, might I offer an alternative explanation for this "revelation"? Obama and Hitler are both gifted public speakers. Anderson's uncle probably remembers a man speaking powerfully and a crowd responding. Through the years, that memory has become associated with evil, and now every time he hears a good speaker rallying a crowd, he thinks "Er erinnert mich an Hitler!"
Here's something else that will blow Anderson's mind: Obama's name sound's like Osama!
Maybe Anderson is right. We should "be doing something". And that something is keeping our crazy relatives indoors, away from the internet, and out of the newspaper.

TR Brooks
Salt Lake City


Josh said...

If you liked that claim of revelation you will love this one from Super Dell For Governor:

"'As ye keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land'. God told me personally that if we end abortion we will be able to discover and use the unlimited supply of oil right here in Utah."

I don't know what's better: The claim to have received revelation on behalf of the State of Utah for which he does not have stewardship or the supposed "unlimited supply of oil right here in Utah."

jedediah said...

I gladly support both claims. Based on feelings and feelings alone. If they are true, who is going to be making fun of who? But if per chance they are not true, I can totally just blame the crazy old guy or Super Dell..right?

linny said...
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cate said...

I hear Obama is a...well..."muslim", which of course is the same thing as a...well..."terrorist". Look at the evidence; besides his name rhyming with Osama, he and his wife don't like to give their kids Christmas gifts because it focuses too much on "commercialism" and not the true spirit of the season. No Christmas gifts? Obviously a muslim-communist/fascist-bastard. Well, I don't "swear" of course but if I did that's how I would have to describe him. I have no other choice...the spirit told me so.

T.R. said...

True, Josh. It's a slippery slope when you can't tell a revelation from . . . something else.

Folks, in case you didn't follow that link, he goes on:

"I hope that helps you understand what I said. Keep the commandments and we WILL prosper. California is trying to adopt a faggot scumbag pride day recognized in schools. They ban God and prayer but want the faggot way of life promoted to our children. That is heniously evil and they will suffer the consequenses. If we work hard in this state to promote morality we will likely have some beach front property along our border."

Yikes! Nevada too?

natalie said...

The Daily Universe can be hard to read... I sometimes cut out articles and mail them to my sisters because it is unbearable to suffer alone and not have someone else know how absurd the articles are.

natalie said...

TR, you pwn.

kel said...

ah, yes! thanks for bringing the Daily Universe to my attention. the letters to the editor were always the best part of the paper. my only regret is that this letter didn't include the words, 'how can we, at the Lord's University...' somewhere in its butt-kickin' content.

jo said...

I missed so many "gems" from this fine publication.

Complacency might have been the only thing gaurding me from the Daily Universe.

Mark said...

Hey TR.

That was really funny. I remember reading that Daily Universe just for all those stupid letters to the editor. Great entertainment from those wierdo BYU students. Just so you know not all of them are like that. At least I hope I wasn't. Thanks for letting me read that thing. Makes me want to go online and read those idiotic things again.

Ems said...

hey...I'm glad I read this.