Monday, November 17, 2008

A Tenacious Cancer or a Noble Leo?

This is great! How often does a deterministic world view let you choose anything? Well, by definition, never, but we could have an entire conversation about this sometime. Later. When I have had less sleep. For now, remember this guy?

Here he explains why you can choose your favorite of TWO Western Zodiac signs:

Actually, Bill would probably let you choose any number of the twelve that you like, but this way you can still back it up with pseudoscience!

In the meantime, I'm struggling. Am I a Cancer or a Leo?


T.R. said...

And no "You're a Cancer... on the Pancreas of Society!" jokes.

becky said...

i'm just going to call myself a Sag AND a Scorpio

N. S. H. said...

I saw Billiam Nye on CNN a while back having a debate with some UFO guys. On one hand, it was awesome to see Bill school some fools, but on the other hand it was a little disconcerting to see that CNN was sponsoring it as a serious debate. About UFOs.