Sunday, November 23, 2008

Of Drums and Diarrhea.

Yesterday I went to a "Friendsgiving" dinner. This one had a neat little caveat: we had to either dress as Indians or Pilgrims. I put on some animal skins and some spare pieces of leather I had lying around from my Outback days, and I lent Cate some too. I'd say we had the best Indian costumes, but when we walked in there were about 15 other people, and all were dressed as Indians. Not one Pilgrim.

Is that surprising though? Which would you rather do: Wear animal skins and spend the day outside fishing, hunting, and hitting drums OR sitting inside all day reading the Bible, stopping
only to go to the latrine to unbutton your church pants to make way for your raging dysentery?


N. S. H. said...

Aptly put. Indians all the way.

becky said...

at first i was going to say, "duh! pilgrim!" but you made a very good case, what with the bible reading and the dysentery.

eped said...


natalie said...