Sunday, December 28, 2008

Busking in 2008

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, December is my month for busking, which I do for money, sure, but mostly for the stories it generates. While less eventful than last year, I had three good ones this month:

1. While in the middle of We Three Kings, someone started stuffing something down the front of my shirt. A voice said, "Can I put this in your bra?" I stopped playing, of course, and saw my uncle standing there.

2. One of the employees came out of the Lion House on South Temple. She offered to bring me some hot chocolate. It was so nice of her that it made me sad to say no. To drink it I would have to stop playing, and I wanted to keep playing. She seemed really distracted and embarrassed to be talking to me. Maybe she thought I was cute. Too bad she was like sixteen years old or maybe something could have happened. How great would that story be?

3. During O Holy Night, some wiseguys in a car stopped at a stoplight shouted: "You suck! Go back to France!" (Probably my favorite busking experience this year.)

From Wikipedia:

Some people stereotype buskers as being unemployed, homeless or beggars. Most buskers are not, and these terms are normally derogatory when referring to a busker. Some people will heckle buskers and stigmatize them as such regardless of their social status.


Saw Lady said...

Greetins from a fellow busker :)

I'm glad to see you are not fazed out by things :)

All the best,

Saw Lady

becky said...

i had "heckle buskers" on my christmas season to-do list, but i never got around to it.

cate said...

On the #3 busking anecdote, I think those rowdy boys were really just having themselves a round of "Hey why don't you...?" If that was the case then I am sure you were obliged be a part of their game.

T.R. said...

thanks saw lady. I just "saw" your blog. AHAHAHAHA!


Becky: I'm back next December!

Cate: That's exactly why I liked it so much.