Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Wow, two glaring errors in previous posts of mine. Oddly, both have to do with time and the passage thereof. In reverse chronological order, they are:

1. I am not actually a Cancer (anymore) nor was I ever a Leo. I did the backward/forward thing wrong and it turns out I am a Gemini. So watch out, because Badass T.R. has got pushover T.R.'s back!

2. Swirly Patterns is not five years old, but is actually only four. I don't know how I decided that I had started this thing in 2003, but somehow I did.

Now before you criticize me too much, I just want to remind you about Badass T.R.

Also: how come you guys didn't catch my errors either?

Another one of the vampire costume. There's some green thing going on in this one. Glistening, maybe?


judy said...

this picture makes me B.A.G.

ask Lee what it means.

T.R. said...

Why does it make you Barf on A Girl?

becky said...

Bust A Gut!!!

Vicki with an "i" said...

Does that costume have a pocket for your wallet. If not, it's pretty impractical.