Saturday, December 20, 2008

More good than 3/4 of a lifetime of voting anyway

I haven't spoken to Tim for a little over a year, and he might not even remember my name, but when he and I worked together for Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, I spent a couple of weeks working with him day and night, trying to help troubled teens to quit doing drugs, getting in fights, sleeping around, and getting involved with gangs. He was a good instructor and he would never avoid doing what was difficult if he thought it was what needed to be done.

Now everyone knows that that is how Tim is. In case you haven't heard, some local troublemaker thought up an ingenious new white-collar brand of monkey-wrenching, and carried it out yesterday.

Trib article
KSL article, with video

That troublemaker was Tim, and he's gotten such a good response that there's talk of raising the money to buy the $1.7 million worth of land that he bid on. Or at least the money to bail him out of jail. (He's facing felony charges.)

And if that doesn't work, there's talk of an Obama pardon. John Podesta, Obama's transition team leader, has been trying to prevent this lease anyway.

Well done Tim. Good luck to you.

(If a fund is created to buy Tim's leases, I'll post a link to it here.)


becky said...

wow, that is crazy! good for him, though. Arches!!

Vicki with an "i" said...

How nice of that "Sugarhouse Resident" to be so concerned about San Juan County, not the people, but the land of course. Who cares about jobs for the locals just as long and those with jobs in Sugarhouse can have a nice place to visit on thier paid vacation time. Really awesome.

Actually it is funny that he tried that...

T.R. said...

Does that mean the Bush administration, the BLM, the fossil fuel companies, etc. suddenly give a damn about what's good for San Juan county residents?

This was part of a package that none of us, from Salt Lake, San Juan, or anywhere else in Utah, had any say about. How much does geographical proximity matter in this debate? So far, not at all.

So let me ask it this way: should 14,000 people in San Juan decide what is done with that 164,000 acres of public land because they live only 100 miles away, and one million in SLC have no say at all because they live 289 miles away?

Answer? Neither group matters. It gets decided by one guy, who sort of won an election, who lives 2,000 miles away, whose livelihood is drilling for oil.

T.R. said...

so that's my rant. One amendment, though. I am sure that the BLM cares about what is good for rural Utahns. Many BLM employees are themselves rural Utahns. The trouble with the BLM is they are underfunded and don't always have the resources to fulfill their mission. Hats off to them for their efforts, though.

eped said...

gosh, this warms the cockles of my jaded heart. T.R. can I lift this story for my blog too? it’s just too wonderful!

btw, this last minute smash & grab (Bush’s I mean) is sort of an interesting analogue to what everyone hated Clinton for doing 8 years ago in Escalante/Grand Staircase.

Vicki with an "i" said...

I’m no geography major Tiara, but I can tell you right now that the people of Grand, San Juan, and the various other counties live a heck of a lot closer than 100 miles from the parcels sold. Does geographical proximity matter? Coming from someone who lives within 30 miles of a National Park and within five miles of a few oil wells, the answer is a resounding yes! I’m not siding against your north faced friend or the oil companies. I see the benefits of both their arguments. Does your friend have a right to do what he did? Sure. Does he understand what it is like to live rural Utah? No. Oh, and camping in rural Utah doesn’t count.

Does your friend ever use oil/gas? Surely his Subaru (or whatever he drives) doesn’t run on renewable resources?

I like how you assume that I practically want to marry George Bush. I’ve never voted for him, but I would probably marry him or one of his oil-tycoon friends—only for their money of course, plus now they own some pretty cool land right near my home town…

T.R. said...

My 100 miles figure was an estimate of the how far the center of San Juan county (a little South of Blanding) is from Arches NP (a rough center of where Tim's leases are). Salt Lake is 289 miles from Arches. Yeah, some leases are closer to Monticello, but many (like the ones in Duchesne) are much closer to SLC than Monticello.

It's federal land. Yeah, we should listen to people whose house is closer to the land and hear what they have to say, but it ain't their land either. It's everyone's. I think it's also worth noting that while one group's intent is to limit access to the land and turn a profit, the other group's intent is to allow everyone access without personal gain.

If we're talking about making a living, the outdoor rec industry will most likely outlast the fossil fuel industry by about several thousand years.

I never meant to imply that you are a Bush fan (even if you want to marry him for his money). All I said was that he was "the decider", and your neighbors' interests amounted to no more nor less than those of the unruly environmentalists. It was an ideological decision that was made without due process or consideration (which is Bush's signature move).

There is plenty of oil being produced right now. So much that all major suppliers have slashed their quotas.

Vicki with an "i" said...


Merry Christmas!

T.R. said...

Hear, hear! Merry Christmas to you.

jedediah said...

here here! Go outback! Go tim! Long live the wilderness. It will be funny when the same dude that buys the land for oil ends up sending his own sons and daughters there for wilderness therapy.