Friday, February 06, 2009

And you thought election season had ended.

Hello dear, faithful readers. You might remember me mentioning The Greatest Job in the World. Well, I've applied, and you can help me get it! It's not based completely on votes, but if lots of you view my video and give me a rating of five stars, it will help. I will make you three promises:

-It is less than 60 seconds

-It is safe for work

-It is slightly entertaining

Click Click Click!

Thanks, and when you're done post a comment I'll send you a postcard and maybe some koala eggs or something if they choose me.

Thanks Kelly for interviewing me and English for manning the camera.


jo said...


Greedy Kristian said...

Brilliant. Best of luck!

Mark said...

I hope they choose you because I want some of those eggs

eped said...

I went and watched a bunch of the other ones too. from what I gather, having gone skydiving and worked in customer relations are like the MBA and CPA of the would-be island caretaker cv.

keep me posted and I'll fedex you a S.A.S.E(gg carton)

Creativity Escapes Me said...

If I could give it six stars I would. Good luck, man!

T.R. said...

Great Barrier Reef! As of 7:04 pm Mountain Standard Time on February 18, I am in the top 80 of about 9,000 candidates, if these votes mean anything at least.

Thanks for stuffing the ballot box for me, guys! You must really want to be rid of me. I don't blame you.

T.R. said...

Um, I did my math wrong. I'm in the top 40.

ash said...

This is some good stuff. I too watched some others...and, what's the deal with inspiring music and photo slide shows? Best o' luck.