Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Swirly Patterns: Behind the Worldwide Success

On NPR they said not only is everyone entitled to 15 minutes of fame, but for bloggers, anyone can be famous to 15 people. (Or in my case, 11.) Anyway, I thought you might like to see some Swirly Patterns stats, according to Google Analytics.

For the month of January:

visitor traffic increased by 71%! yahoo!
there were 884 visits from 636 people
of those, 67% visited for the first (and probably last) time
35 countries were represented, including Greece and the Philippines
last month someone in Iran visited Swirly Patterns

15 of the 884 visits were loaded with a dialup connection

most visitors are referred by google when searching for "swirly patterns" or "the ganzfeld procedure". Unfortunately for them, this blog provides no information on either topic.

about every two days, someone is referred to Swirly Patterns by googling "tr brooks".
about every five days, someone is referred to Swirly Patterns by googling "swirly patterns blog".
last month 14 people visited Swirly Patterns looking for andrew bird chords or sovay chords.

Of all of the blogs that link to Swirly Patterns, "Baked Goods and Bads" yielded the most referrals.

9 visitors came to Swirly Patterns through my facebook page in January.

For some reason, 92 visits occurred on January 12. That is more than three times the average number of visits per day. There were no new posts that day. The next busiest day had only 59 visits.

The average visitor spends 50 seconds at Swirly Patterns before moving on to something more productive and interesting.

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry that there aren't really any swirly patterns here.


Mark said...

Dude, that is pretty cool. How did you get all those neato stats!

Carolina said...

k, so i need to know where you found these statistics. That is awesome. I always visit your blog, so that would make me a groupie of some sort, wouldn't it?

T.R. said...


Steffanie said...

It's official you are more of a DORK than a JERK.

T.R. said...


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