Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quaternary Park

That Jeff Goldblum freaks me out sometimes, but in every one of his movies his lunatic rantings turn out to be the one thing that saves everyone (or would have if they had listened). The most obvious one is Jurassic Park. Here's the clip in case you were Amish during the 1990's and didn't see it:

(I chose this one for all of my Chinese readers.)

Anyway, it turns out we Utahns ignored him in real life. Now we're stuck with a beetle that reproduces many times faster than anyone anticipated, and it reproduces in areas that we we're sure it wouldn't.

I know it's invasive, but I admit that I will miss tamarisk. It looks nice along the banks of the Colorado and its wood is light and almost unbreakable. Looks like soon it might be gone from Salt Lake to the Mexican border.

And even though I've never seen one, I send my condolences to the Willow Flycatcher bird, whose entire species is now likely to be wiped out as a result of this experiment.


allyson elizabeth said...

I was really disappointed to never see Jeff G. quoted in that. Now I feel silly.

Kari said...

Paper, Rock, Scissors.

Beetle, Tamarisk, Flycatcher.