Thursday, April 02, 2009

The only good reason to wear a watch

"Carry some text with you or wear a digital watch throughout the day. To do a reality test, read the words or the numbers on the watch. Then, look away and look back, observing the letters or numbers to see if they change. . . If the characters do change, are not normal, or do not make sense, then you are most probably dreaming."

-Stephen LaBerge,
Lucid Dreaming

I noticed people were changing their faces as I walked past and I thought that couldn't be right, so I looked down and realized that I wasn't wearing a watch. Luckily there happened to a manual wall clock, so I looked at that. Then I looked again and again, and it had changed several hours in a matter of seconds. I knew I was dreaming, so I walked around changing everything about the dream to the way I wanted. When I was done, not being creative enough to direct the dream beyond that point, I woke up.


eped said...

great post.

so this is working for you?

just last night I dreamed I found a really cool analogue watch; one of those chic ones w/ no numbers on the face, and it was made of bones. so I put it on.

what more can you tell us about that cuckoo?

Nic said...

Also, wristwatches are useful for telling time and for timing yourself on runs.
I'm jealous of the lucid dreams by the way. I have tons of vivid dreams, but I never have control.

T.R. said...

It worked for me this time and one other time about two or three months ago. For all the time I spend talking about lucid dreams, they are still kind of rare for me.

I remember having a dream about four months ago where I thought "is this a dream?" After looking around a bit I concluded that it was too vivid to be a dream. Since then I have never trusted myself to answer that question without an external cue.

The cuckoo was my favorite result of a google image search for "weird clock".

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